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ODHA2019: Comrade Iwalokun Segun's Vision of a Youthful Assembly

Com. Reuben Iwalokun Segun
Comrade Iwalokun Segun's Vision of a YOUTHFUL ASSEMBLY 

It is vivid and glaring that the set of
people who are suffering from poor
representation in ILAJE CONSTITUENCY II are

This is actually true because all other set of
people will be inactive when the Youths are
not involved in the process of developing the

The Vision of a Youthful Assembly Led By
Comr.Segun Iwalokun in his Bid For The
House Of Assembly Election is a Benevolent
Agenda that is Focused Directly on people
and More Importantly on the less Privileged.

Its is a Passionate Vision and strong desire to
save the Hopeless Masses and above all, to
make the Electorates In Ilaje Constituency II
enjoy the Dividend of democracy.

It is Quite unfortunate, that most Politicians Do not give Priority To the Poor people Because they do not have the, influence, wealth And Power That Can be
used to operate and effect Meaningful Change

In favour of the wealthy Politicians,Except for the temporary But Powerful Electoral Mandate which they Deceive the electorates By Flattering Tongues and pecuniary Inducement To get a positive result in election.

But in the real sense, Any Investment On the
Youths through Good deed that is centered
On the youth and the people at large is the
greatest service which attracts the greatest
reward in the kingdom Of God.

"Youths are leaders of today ; It is an
understatement to call them leaders of
tomorrow ; So, they Don"t have to be

Comr. Iwalokun Segun Is Committed to the
mission of curing abject Poverty through his
vision of a Youthful Assembly For the Great
People Of Ilaje Constituency II.

He Is An Open-Minded Politician That Gives
special Consideration To the Plight of the
Poor and Sympathetic Resentment upsurge of
Violence against Some of Our Political
Leaders that are Wicked and Selfish.
RIO as fondly called by his political
Associates,is poised To render Altruistic
Leadership Through Unprecedented Practical
Generous Representation.

This Is what he stands for and Known to be by
his track Records Of incomparable
Magnanimity Because He is an Epitome Of
Exceptional Generosity .

The above Stated Agenda Can Be achieved
through Our Sturdy Alliances, Enduring
Convictions ,resolute minds and Practical
Demonstrations Of our Strong Will with
massive Votes For Segun Iwalokun To have
the Vision of a Youth Assembly actualised.

Comr.Reuben Iwalokun Segun with
Hon.Agboola Ajayi (Ondo state Deputy Gov.)
With a maximum support and victorious
Votes for Comr. RIO,there will be a sound
representation That will be pushed through
Advocacy For Good Governance, Resources
Utilization,Environmental Protection and
significant improvement In the Quality of
lives of the great People of Mahin,Aheri and
Etikan with a Sound Human Economic
Empowerment That will offer us a Glimmer
Of hope and Opportunity To so Many People
Who are in Need of Astute Economic
redemption and freedom From the shackle of

The Only Solution To our Numerous
Identified Problems at this Critical Time in
Ilaje Constituency II is by Giving our
Numerous Support and Massive Votes for
Comr. Segun Iwalokun at 2019 ODHA election
By The Grace of God.
Through this, Prosperity will trickle Down to
everyone In Mahin,Aheri and Etikan.

Support and Vote Comr. Reuben Iwalokun
Olusegun Popularly Known as RIO For
CompetencyVibrancyAristocracy of Intelligence, Credible Representation, Constructive Advocacy,
Positive Transformation ,High legislative Proficiency And Practical Generous Representation For the Poor Masses. 

APC..................................CHANGE !!!!!!!!!
Olu Olola Success
Gen. Secretary,
Iwalokun Segun Campaign Organisation.
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