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-Olubunmi Ololajulo
Political life should involve constant and healthy interaction among institutions and individuals as prescribed by ethical values and attitudes.

These ethical values and attitudes are important output of the political process that helps to determine what people(electorates) demand and expect from thepolitical system.
Ilaje Constituency II of Ilaje Local Government consists of six wards and about 162 polling units.

Furthermore, the constituency comprises of three kingdoms which are: Mahin,Aheri and Etikan.

In this regards Mahin comprises of four wards while Aheri and Etikan kingdoms consist of one ward each;On this note,the Mahin Kingdom forms the majority in this constituency.

Talking about resources,Ilaje Constituency II is one of the oil producing areas in Ondo having diverse oil wells in Abereke,Ori-Oke Iwamimo,Maran and host of other communities respectively.

Apart from being an oil rich area,the Constituency is also endowed with resources like bitumen which is used in road construction and white sands(Silica) which is used in the production of glass.

These and other resources can be found in Communities like Zion-Igbokoda,Aboto,Araromi-Seaside and host of communities.

From time immemorial, the past representatives of this great constituency has done little or nothing compared to IGR that emanates from this great constituency.

It is a thing of absurd that some of the past present representatives of this great constituency has not even delivered the dividend of democracy to the good people of this constituency despite the collection of millions of Naira as  Constituency allowance for constituency projects on a yearly basis.

Recall,We are in another year entirely, Year 2018 where our fate in 2019 would be decided.
Thus we should have a rethink and have a positive mindset on how this Constituency gonna be a better place to live in.

Going by history, the political formation and structure of this great constituency has from the outset paves way for true democracy which has been greatly achieved by zoning the "Member House of Assembly" position across all the six wards respectively in a good order thereby avoiding any form of sentiment and partiality.

After many political analysis, it was resolved that an indigene of MAHIN WARD ONE becomes the MHA come 2019.
Nevertheless,we are bound to be very careful on whom to endorse.

Moreover, Mahin ward one has two divisions namely "Okiti Mahin" and "Igbekun Mahin"
Okiti Mahin consists of Ode-Mahin,Ori-opo,Ibila,Piawe and host others while Igbekun Mahin consists of Gbabijo,Seja,Asisa,Ojan and host of other communities.

From this perspective, Igbekun Mahin is the majority in this ward and same time serves as where 70% of the Internally Generated Revenue emanates.

If we could remember,Okiti Mahin of Mahin Ward One was duly represented by an indigene of Ode-Mahin from 1999-2003 under the umbrella of AD.

Without much ado, it is not a thing of absurd to say that the people of "Igbekun Mahin" should be the one to produce the MHA come 2019.

It is an understatement to say that a particular community named SEJA in this region had enjoyed less or no dividend of democracy despite being a germain community in that area;this implies that they had never produce a political leader even at the ward level since the creation of Ondo State in 1976.

On this note,I hereby present to you an indigene of SEJA on behalf of all of us at #TYD in person of Comr.Reuben Iwalokun Olusegun to represent the good people of Ilaje Constituency II at the Ondo State House of Assembly come 2019.
Comr.Segun Iwalokun studied English and Literary Studies in the University.

Apart from this,He is a certified Mass Communicator and also has a diploma in Public Relations.
He has all it takes to take the people of Mahin,Aheri and Etikan to the promise land.

In conclusion, the future of Ilaje Constituency II is probably the most pressing issue of our era(In Ilaje LGA)
Therefore,I charge all citizens and electorates of this great constituency that Democratic representation must be transformed from this present scenario of bitter personality wrangling into consideration for the masses,which is the basic infrastructure of a stable and legitimate political order.

Support and Vote Comr.Segun Iwalokun as MHA ILAJE CONSTITUENCY II come 2019 by God's Grace.
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