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JAMB 2018 Registration Guidelines

You must have a valid email address for Jamb to be able to send you some of your vital information.

You're to buy the Jamb E-pin which is necessary for a successful registration .

Be sure of the examination town you want before filling. Because once you submit the form, you cannot change the examination town anymore.

You must only use your most recent Passport Photograph (not older than 3 months) before you start your registration. You are advised to test the validity of your passport photographs before proceeding to fill.

Don't make any mistake with your personal details such as your Name, date of birth, Origin, gender and among others. Because once you or/and the person doing the filling for you submit the form, you cannot change any of the details.

Please keep your profile password and registration printout properly and always Log-out before quitting the system.

During Sign In, your email and password shall be required, which shall be validated. After  entering this correctly ,your profile will pop up and you'll gain access to all you need.

 If you forgot your password, you have a chance to retrieve it. The forgot password Option on the 2018 JAMB Utme page will help you solve that. It allows you to retrieve your forgotten password details upon supply of valid required info that is unique to you.

Make sure you go for your reprinting on the 18th of this month.
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