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New Month Greetings From Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa

Lucky Aiyedatiwa Orimisan

The leading APC Senatorial aspirant for Ondo South Senatorial District Hon.Lucky Aiyedatiwa  wishes all the good people of Ondo South a prosperous Month filled with joy and all-round breakthrough.

While speaking with the Correspondent of this morning, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa promised to always work for the benefit of his people.
He said the level of suffering in Ondo South is too high and he is ready  to Solve the numerous problems when he gets to the red chamber by 2019 God willing.
He further,urges the entire people of Ondo South to keep supporting him so as to bring back the lost glory.

When asked about his intentions for the development of Ondo south senatorial district,He said, “My fellow constituents! We have been at this crossroads several times before. The consequences of the choices that we made in the past are obvious for us to see today. Democracy is acclaimed the best form of governance because it places in the hands of the people, the power to choose who governs them. But posterity beckons on us to exercise that enormous power with maximum discretion, bearing in mind that we can either be liberated, or further enslaved by our choices.

It is against this backdrop that I, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress , humbly appeal to your conscience to take a critical look at our dear Senatorial District; Can you say, from the depth of your heart, that you are contented with the pace of development? Do you see concrete indicators that Ondo South is on course towards attaining the lofty dreams of our founding fathers? Are you not bothered about the high levels of under-development, poverty, disease, unemployment, crime and other negative indicators across Ondo South?

In view of this, My dear parents, brothers and sisters! I am communicating to you via this medium because I believe you have the intellectual capacity to decipher the salient messages that I am passing across, and that you share with me, the burning desire to see that things change for the better in our land and finally, that you realize that you have a pivotal role to play in the actualization of a safe and prosperous Ondo South senatorial district.
The problem with our senatorial district is not rocket science! It doesn’t need eternity to tackle the challenges facing us as a people. It only requires visionary, dynamic and committed leadership to set the roadmap and vigorously pursue the accelerated development of our society.

Here are my 5-point developmental vision for Ondo South

Rapid Industrialization
If elected Senator, I will pursue the rapid industrialization of Ondo South. I will ensure that adequate job opportunities are provided and Ondo South becomes a major hub of economic and social activities.

Educational Development
Education is the bedrock of the society, and still remains the inalienable right of every citizen, by the Charter of the United Nations, which Nigeria is a signatory. If elected, I will strive to ensure that every child, every youth, and every parent who desires formal education, has access to affordable, functional and qualitative education at all levels.

Agricultural Advancement
Ondo South being a district with landmass suitable for agricultural purposes, my focus will be on how to improve farmers’ yields through sourcing fertilizer and improved crop variety. Similarly, I will focus on how to reduce their harvest losses, improve storage and bulk purchase of farm products.

Youth Development
I intent to initiate youth development programs that will provide an alternative to the social vices currently ravaging our land. The sport and entertainment industries will be given priority and serious attention to creat opportunities for individuals self realization. Also, there will be platforms to showcase the diverse talents of our great youths.

Healthcare Delivery
Health, they say, is wealth! The construction of a World class health centre to cater for our people is long overdue! I intend to see the actualization of this vision if elected Senator come 2019.
All of the above visions and more, I shall achieve through effective collaboration with the federal government, international agencies and by efficient performance of my oversight functions as a Senator.

In conclusion, we should bear in mind that the wind of change is currently blowing across the country, and Ondo South cannot be an exception! We cannot afford to lose out of the Central Government, as our land will stand to suffer for it in the final analysis.

Thank you very much dear constituents, and may God bless you!, once again Happy New Month!

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