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MUST READ: Girl Who Graduated With A Second Class Result Shares Her Ordeal

Here is her Story 👇

Let me tell you guys a brief story.
When i was in secondary school, i was the best student in my class. I was so good that I represented my school in any competition held.

Going to university, i still had that flare. I was still very serious. I read like a mad person , but due to some factors , my gp was really bad in yr 2 and 3. Regardless of the fact that I studied hard. Other years were good but it was unfortunate i came out with a 2.2 degree. If a degrees were to be given according to your level of seriousness, I would have made a first class.

However, i came out of school thinking that atleast its not like 2.2 is a bad result, It’s average. I tried looking for a job, but everywhere says minimum 2.1. I had to settle for a teaching job which i still do now. I have given up on looking for job because everyone says the same thing. 2.2 has made me believe i am no longer intelligent. People in my family, my friends , my colleagues at work all believe that i am intelligent. But my degree tells me otherwise.

Now here is what saddens me. A friend of mine whom i knew i was better than academically back in school posted a picture of a car given to him by his employer. He came out with a 2.1 (p:s he got that job without knowing anyone in the company,he saw it online and applied).Everyone in the department knew how he always passed his exams. Although i am genuinely happy for him, but I am sad for myself. Do employers think that we 2.2 graduates are totally worthless? Coming out with 2.1 is a nice achievement and many people who got it worked really hard for it but many factors can make a bright student come out with 2.2. I have been teaching for three years now and I sometimes ask myself, would I continue like this? I don’t want to be like some of my colleagues who are way older than i am and still teaching. I am 25.

An advice to people in universities. Do any thing you can to come out with a 2.1. Don’t let that no job thing fool you. Read , cheat or buy 2.1, but do whatever it takes to come out with it. Get it first then listen to the no job story because your story can actually change with it. As for 2.2, there is actually no job unless you have somebody somewhere.
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