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The Ultimate Guide For Newly Admitted Students

It is normal for students who just gained admission to be filled with excitements and joy. This joy is caused by varieties of factors. Some see the opportunity of being admitted into the higher institution as an invitation to freedom, while others see it as an avenue for engaging in productive exploits.

The latter are often left with the question – “After admission, what’s next?” They seek advice from several people most of which are beneficial, because it gives them an idea of how to spend the rest of their days in school.

The aim of this article is to reveal to newly admitted or first year students, guide on how to be distinguished as successful students. In other words, the tips to be discussed here are aimed at creating a favorable atmosphere for freshers to build a solid foundation; to serve as a springboard of excellence throughout their years in the tertiary institution and as well, minimize the occurrence of mistakes.

Let’s begin…

Guide For Year One Students
1. Know why you’re in school
This is the major aspect that greatly affects the life of every student – the place of Purpose!

Purpose serve as a guide. It affects the decisions we make and at the same time, influences our actions. For instance, if the goal of a student is to emerge as one of the best graduating students in his field, he will ensure that he cuts off from anything that will impede that goal, while he strives for its attainment. He will not endeavor to make a make a decision that will threaten the goal.

Sense of Purpose helps you to prioritize and make your actions align with your vision. Remember that blindness isn’t the absence of the sense of sight (the eye) but the inability to see.

Every successful student has a vision and this vision to a great extend materializes upon the development of good plans.

2. The place of planning
After having identified your vision, a plan should be developed to achieve them. For this same example in this context, the student can chose to increase his study hours, have a study group, go for night classes, have a time table, regularly attend classes etc. The choice depends on the personality of the student.

Draw out a plan that will help you achieve them. You can write them down for easy reference. Priority once again is key!

3. Study the environment
This is another essential aspect. There are some places around the school vicinity whereby movement at a particular time is to the detriment of the person. One thing that is important here is “asking questions”. Try to know the dos and don’ts. Of course! Interacting is a necessity.

4. Avoid distractions and stay focused
There are a lots of activities that go on in school, ranging from politics, social gatherings, spiritual activities, academics to… sports etc. Meanwhile, time management and discipline helps you to do what is meant to be done and when to do it. Disengage yourself from activities that will serve as a threat to success in your studies because that is your reason for being there.

5. Peer Influence and study group
The higher institution is a world of its own where you get to meet several kinds of people: academic gurus, tech guys, prayer machines (from students’ fellowships), party lovers, sports freaks etc.

You are the one to choose where to belong. I keep repeating – “Disengage yourself from activities that will threaten your academics and use good timing“. Few days to exams when content study as a prerequisite for exam success is on demand, some students will still spend dozens of hours in the church and place of meetings. Nope, things don’t work that way. Even the scripture says that there’s time and season for everything.

Choose your friends and don’t allow them choose you. You cannot rise above your network of friendship. Move with the right set of people that will help you achieve your goal. Have a small study group who share similar vision. You can carry on short term challenges, and learn from each other. University is not like secondary school where you get to compete for who will take first position.

6. Good relationship and positive behavior
It’s always advisable for students to steer clear of having their names on the black list. How’s that done? By adhering to the rules and regulations without compromise and abstaining from wrongs acts like stealing, cultism, fighting the security men etc as this can prevent the student from graduating with his colleagues.

Maintain a good relationship status with your lecturers. Be friendly though everything should have a limit. Be inquisitive! Interact with your seniors who have attained that level you desire and befriend them. Through mentorship and inquisitiveness you’ll get to know how they achieved that success.

There’s this stuff that happened to a friend. He missed his exam because he was asleep. If he had maintained a good relationship with his roommate, he won’t have had carry over (repeated the course).

7. Always be updated
I always advise students to put their ears down. Constantly source for information. What differentiates success amongst personalities is the level of information they have.

Most students in regards to preparing for their semester exams read the wrong chapters. Goodluck got the latest update that questions will be set from from the first seven chapters of a big sized book containing fifteen chapters while Gift who never knew read the whole big book, mostly the second half of the book. You should expect Goodluck to have a much more better performance because he got the right information.

Some students stay off campus and lose the opportunity of getting the right information. That’s why having a mobile phone with you as a member of their whatsapp group is essential. In as much as it’s good to be social, there should be a limit.

8. Punctuality and regularity
Punctuality is being at the right place at the right time while regularity in a state of Constance. Engage in activities in the class. Some lecturers rewards students for presence in class by using attendance list for continuous assessment. Apart from that, absence from class itself is a detriment to the student. Some lectures also shun the action of students coming late to school. It’s better to be an hour early than to be 30 minutes late.

You can only understand this aspect when you miss test or towards exam period. In all things, develop a spirit of punctuality.

9. My random advice
Eat good fruits. Stay healthy. Do some exercise. Take some helpful extracurricular activities, it could be volunteering, tutorials, sports etc.

Balance everything by creating equilibrium. Success isn’t working hard but working smart. Avoid stress, because health is wealth. If not, you’ll burn out.

Be proactive. Set new challenges for yourself and celebrate your small victories. Try not to repeat any course or have a carry over.

However, if you unfortunately have any carry over, don’t see it as the end of the world, rather, see it as an opportunity to do better. Great men never quit. The best set of students are not the first class students, but the world class students. Stay open for learning. Before you graduate, ensure that you acquire a skill. It could be graphics design, programming, bead making, barbing, catering, art etc and build your independence level. Positive competition is good but personal challenge is better.

For the good headed lecturers, try to be close to them because you’ll need them in the future, probably when you want to further your studies or to assist a relative.

Be responsible, diligent and focused.

10. Put God first
In order to be successful, God must me put first in your heart.

Genesis 39:2 says that the Joseph was a successful man because the Spirit of the Lord was with him. It’s God’s Spirit that makes us successful and takes us to the end. Appreciate Him for the admission irrespective of any factor, it’s not about the course you study but God’s grace upon your life.

Many are matriculated but only few complete there convocation. For the latter, it takes grace to wear the gown. Believe in Him be confident despite the odds.

Make a difference and in all things, give thanks to God.
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