22 Ways To Increase Your Blog's Traffic In 2020

1. Sharing Blog Posts on Social Media.

Sharing your blog posts on social media is one sure way to increase blog visitors, because this will make your blog known to others.

2. Creating Viral Content.

I emphasize creating viral content but that does not guarantee you get a lot of visitors, but this is one way for you to get a lot of visitors, this is because your blog content will be shared on social media.

3. Speed ​​up Blog Loading Time.

Speed ​​is an effective way to increase blog traffic. Imagine if you visit a blog that loads really long, will you keep giving it your time, will you think of visiting such a blog again? I'm convinced your response will be a capital ‘NO’ to both questions.

4. Make a Title That Is Intriguing.

Making visitors curious is one of the techniques that you can use to increase your blog's traffic. Like you make an article about a particular game then you have to make the title more interesting and make visitors curious. Example "7 of this game can make you rich in an instant".

5. Interacting with Other People.

What is interaction? Interacting is a method of getting closer to others. If you have a blog about niche authority themes or tutorials, then you should be prepared to reply to comments or emails from visitors.

6. Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizing your blog is one important way for you to increase your blog's traffic. It helps you get organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. The methods used are very many, including optimization of post titles, blog template optimization, long articles, Search Descriptions, Url Addresses, Internal Links, adding images to make it more attractive, and using Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI).

7. Create a Dummy Blog.

Dummy blog is one of the additional blogs owned by one person with the aim to boost the SERP position of the main blog. If we pay attention to this dummy blog it's the same as we put backlinks.

8. Plant Backlinks on Blogs That Have a High Page Authority And Domain Authority.

In fact there are many blog owners who allow others to plant their links on their blogs, such as content placement and guest writers. But this activity must be permitted by the blog owners otherwise it's illegal.

9. Diligently Update Articles.

Someone who frequently updates articles will have a lot of visitors, my experience when i rarely update my blog is that my visitors dropped dramatically. But there are also many blogs that rarely update articles but are always flooded with visitors.

10. Advertise Your Blog. 

Advertising is a surefire way to increase blog visitors, of course this will require a little capital. You can advertise your blog on Google or Facebook. If you want to advertise on Google then look for sites that provide advertiser services.

11. Building Quality Backlinks (Link Building).

Building backlinks is one of the effective and significant ways for you who want to increase blog traffic. In conclusion you have to build relevant backlinks in a natural way.

12. Look for Templates that are Simple and Not Complex.

Simplicity is one surefire way to increase traffic. Imagine if you visit a super complicated blog, it will surely make piss you, and with that you'll lose interest in that blog. Therefore, look for a simple template or theme that is user-friendly.

13. Guest Blog.

What is a guest blog? Guest blog is publishing our articles in other people's blogs. So what's the connection with increasing blog traffic? The advantage is that you'll get a quality source of backlinks, expanding the blogger network, and much more.

14. Promote Your Blog.

As I explained in number one that sharing a blog is very important. If you have a little capital then you can promote your blog to social media. I suggest you to promote it on Facebook, because Facebook is one of the most widely used media. Most people access Facebook multiple times a day.

15. Create a Youtube Channel and Put the Blog Link in the Description.

Youtube is one of the largest video sharing media in the world. If you have YouTube content about how to download anything then you can embed your download blog link in the description. Surely this will be very beneficial for your blog.

16. Be Active.

Active? Active what does that mean? What I mean is you have to be active frequently in blogger forums. This forum can be one of the places to promote your blog, certainly not haphazard, friend! You have to promote your blog in the right place, meaning that if your blog discusses about health then you also have to promote it in the health forum.

17. Share often.

Share what? Sharing can be anything from sharing ebooks, templates, software, videos, photos and much more. This in turn attracts visitors back to your blog.

18. Make Controversial and Hot Articles.

If you want to be flooded with visitors, then you should try this method. Now is the age of social media, news published in an instant can be viral just like that. Make a controversial and Hot article for example "How to Forget the Former". If you make an article like this, you must be prepared to face the reactions that will be coming from your readers afterwards.

19. Research Keywords and Competitors.

In SEO strategies keyword research and competitor research are the most important things and should not be missed. What is a research keyword? The most popular and most searched keyword and search method. While competitor research is a process of finding competitors in the main google page.

20. Update Old Articles.

Updating an old article is one way for you to get organic visitors. Because the old article will be indexed faster by Google, besides the old article is more trusted than the latest article.

21. Long Tail Keyword.

If you are still a beginner and don't understand much about SEO, then you can aim for topics with long keywords. You can use services from Google, Google Keyword Planner.

22. And Others.

Actually there are so many ways to flood your blog visitors, you just need to be on the lookout for as many as possible and apply as many as possible. Share your article in the correct group. If your article is about games, then share in the group about games too. Peace!

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