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Concert Organisers Call Out Lil Frosh For Not Making a Refund After He Snubbed Concert

Hundreds of people who bought tickets to a music concert “WHO OWNS THE STREET Vol. 4” which was held on Thursday 2nd January 2020 in Igbokoda, Ondo State, are now demanding their money back from the organisers of the show after Lil Frosh who is expected to perform at the show disappointed the crowd by not showing up at the event.

Lil Frosh who just got signed into the DMW record label owned by Davido was the most anticipated act for the event but eventually did not show up for the event after making several promises to the organisers of the show via series of confirmation videos. The absence of the artiste at the show did not only affect the liveliness of the show but has also brought the organisers of the show into disrepute with the fans of the show in the area.

The displeasure of the fans who attended the event was not unconnected with the series of confirmation videos which the artiste did for the organisers of the show where he promised to be in attendance at the event.

In a bid to get a refund of the money which was paid to the artiste before the show, the organisers phoned the artiste after the show to express their displeasure about the failed deal and also demanded a refund which the artiste agreed to pay as soon as possible not knowing the the artiste was only deceiving them.

According to the one of the organisers, “after a week and some days of not getting any further positive response from the him and with the way the artiste now respond to our yearnings it is obvious that the he's is only deceiving us, and right now we are so much disappointed in him, he needs to refund our money, he breached our agreement and it is obligatory for him to refund our money otherwise we'll press charges against him."

Below is one of the confirmation videos which Lil Frosh sent to the organisers of the show;

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