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Best 2020 SEO Tools for Website Optimization

A website that is fast, safe, and always reliable, and quality and informative content is an important element of a website's success . But on the other hand, an optimized website is also an important thing that you should pay attention to, because you also need media to distribute the content that you share on the website. Therefore, you need to find ways to do website optimization.

Best 2020 SEO Tools for Website Optimization

If you want to see a variety of SEO tools , you are in the right place. GistaBlog has summarized several SEO tools that you can also use to optimize your website. Here you can see and determine the most appropriate SEO software for you.

Check My Links

If you do broken link building, then you will like Check My Links. Just clicking once, this extension from Chrome quickly checks broken links on any website.

Citation Labs' Broken Link Finder

Instead of looking for broken links page by page, Broken Link Finder proactively does this task for you. Simply search for keywords and this tool will browse the internet to find broken links. You can sort the results and see how many people link to broken links.

Content Marketer

Content Marketer is a good tool for finding contact information such as e-mail and helping you connect internet users to that contact information. Because the contact info displayed is quite accurate. Content Marketer also provides email templates that can be used for outreach. There are also templates for guest post requests, LinkedIn outreach, and more.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Want to get backlinks from The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal? You can use PR services or use HARO. HARO is a service that connects journalists with speakers. If you succeed in attracting the attention of journalists by making a good statement, they will reward you by saying your name or giving a backlink to your website.

Inky Bee

Inky Bee is an outreach tool for bloggers. Just enter keywords and Ink Bee will show the bloggers in the industry. Inky Bee allows you to sort by domain or page authority, so you can focus on your industry.


Linkbird is a hybrid tool for keyword search, ranking tracking, backlink analysis, and link building.


Just like some other tools, LinkMiner checks broken links on a page. LinkMiner can show how many outbound links a page has on Google SERP.


Linkody can let you know when you get or lose a backlink. Linkody also provides information about new backlinks. This feature can send you an email when a competitor gets a new backlink.


Linkstant sends an email every time you get a new link. Why is this so helpful? You can change this one link to many links, also allows you to quickly identify reputation management problems.

Muck Rack

If you want to get backlinks from sites like The New York Times and Forbes, you need to start a relationship with journalists, and Muck Rack becomes an impressive PR tool that helps you quickly find journalists who cover your site's industry. The "Journalist Directory" feature is a list of journalists in more than 500 media, accompanied by the latest tweets, columns, and contact information that is updated.

Quick URL Opener

If there is a lot of link building it means you need a tool to open a large list of URLs at once. Quick URL Opener can be the best free SEO tool that you can use.

Tools for Technical SEO

Bing Webmaster Tools

This tool tells you everything you need to know about site visibility on Bing. The reason, Bing has a good keyword search tool.


This tool helps you find out how search engines see your site. This tool helps you how search engines get very different views about your website.


Deep Crawl as the name suggests, examines every page on your site and provides a comprehensive report on how much H1 you have on each page, indexed pages, broken internal links, and so on.

Tools for Keyword Reeseach

AdWords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

If you are looking for ways to find new keywords, try mixing all the words together and see what happens. Creating keyword permutations is the classic Adword tactic that some people use in SEO. The Zambonini permutation tool is one of the best keyword tools you can use.

Answer the Public

If you want to know what questions internet users are looking for, just enter the keywords in Answer the Public and you will get a list of questions.

Google Correlate

Is a keyword tool directly from Google. This tool shows keywords that are commonly searched for. For example if you enter the keyword "blogspot seo" in this tool . Google Correlate tells you about people who are looking for "blogspot seo" also looking for "blogspot blog seo" and "blogger blogspot seo."

Google Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Planner is a keyword tool, one of which gives you data directly from the source. Google Keyword Planner tells how likely someone who is searching for certain keywords will give something to your website . How? See the "competition" and "estimated bid." If both of these values ​​are high, it's likely that you've found keywords with better conversions.

Tools for Content Optimization

Can I Rank

This tool answers the question that everyone has when evaluating a keyword that is, "Can I rank?" provides details on how your pages compare to first page rank competitions.


Tools of this one has several functions at once, such as detecting the content being sought, manage social media, information integration to curate content from multiple sources.


As you know, adding LSI keywords to content can increase a website's ranking in search engines. The question is, how do we know which LSI keywords need to be used? This free tool can do this task for you. Unlike most tools with keyword suggestions that provide variations of keywords to use, Key4Up actually understands the meaning behind words.


MarketMuse is a tool for advanced content analysis. This tool examines your content and compares it to similar content on search engines. If a competitor mentions keywords that are relevant to your content but you don't use, this tool will let you know.

For example, you have a content about low-carb recipes. If Market Muse discovers your competitor using terms like "Stevia" and "Agave Nector" but you don't, Market Muse will suggest you use this term in the content. Including LSI keywords like this can make a significant difference to your ranking.


nTopic is a content relevance tool . In other words, this tool examines your content and provides suggestions to make it more SEO-friendly.


An interesting feature on Ryte is TD * IDF analysis. TD * IDF analyzes keywords which can increase page rank for the target keywords you use. These terms are also good LSI keywords that you can include in the content to improve on page SEO.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

QuickSprout is a very helpful website analysis tool. Just connect Google Analytics with this tool and it will analyze your site's SEO visibility, social share , web page loading speed, and more. QuickSprout also provides recommendations and reports that can be downloaded.

Scribe from Copyblogger

This tool values ​​your content based on how friendly the page is for display in the eyes of users and display of code in the eyes of Google.

SEO Plugin from Squirrly

Have you ever written an article, then wondered, "Is this article SEO friendly?" It looks like you need to try Squirrly. Squirrly is a WordPress plugin that automatically analyzes your content for SEO and is easy for humans to read.

Squirrly is equipped with a keyword search tool that works in a WordPress editor. In addition to the usual metrics like search volume, there is information about whether those keywords are a hot topic in online conversations. This tool also shows the stability of the keyword search volume over time.


This free tool quickly analyzes your website pages and tells you if there are problems such as missing alt text images and broken links that can delay you getting ranked on the first page. Doesn't this tool really work for the continuity of your website optimization ?


Slerpee gives you a pre-review of how your site will appear in Google search results. That way you can see how your title and description tags look on Google search to help you increase CTR.

Text Tools

Text Tools is an advanced LSI keyword tool. This tool examines the top 10 search results for given keywords and shows which terms are commonly used. If you spread this term on the content, it can increase the relevance of the content in Google's eyes. You can also compare your content on the top 10 LSI keywords that might not be on your content.


YoRocket optimizes title and description tags to improve organic CTR. The "Title Tag Testing" feature allows you to test two titles at once and use one that carries more traffic.

Tools for Backlink Analysis


Ahrefs has a giant index and is updated at least once a day. Ahrefs is also very easy to use.


Is an SEO tool that focuses on link analysis. cognitiveSEO has an "Unnatural Link Detection" feature that identifies risky backlinks that might cause penalties.


This tool is equipped with backlink analysis, link prospecting, on-site SEO audit and ranking tracking . The "LinkRisk" feature analyzes your link profile and identifies spammy or dangerous backlinks so that it can simplify your website optimization.

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools has a "Link Detox" feature that automatically analyzes backlinks and shows backlinks that are at risk of penalty by Google or links that have already caused penalties. In other words, this feature identifies spam links very easily. The results are almost 100 percent accurate in distinguishing good and bad links.

Majestic SEO

With a large and updated index, Majestic is the top link analysis tool on the market. This tool also has "TrustFlow" and "CitationFlow" which tells whether the site you want to get the link has authority or contains spam.

The "Clique Hunter" feature shows sites that provide links to your competitors. This is a way to find link building opportunities.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks becomes a comprehensive SEO platform that provides newly acquired backlink info, keyword rankings, and site speed. Backlinks Monitor can even send notifications when one of your competitors gets a new link.


A good tool for Chrome and Firefox that shows page authority (Page Authority, PA) and domain authority ( Domain Authority, DA ). If these two values ​​have at least two digits, you have succeeded in doing website optimization.

Open Link Profiler

Indeed, the index on Open Link Profiler is not as big as on tools like Ahrefs and Majestic. But the paid version has interesting features such as on-page analysis and site audits that are comparable to the price paid. The free version is also a pretty good backlink analysis tool. The "Hub Finder" feature is similar to "Clique Hunter" in Majestic. Enter a number of competitors in this tool and see who is linking to them.

SEO Tools for Excel

You can easily check a site's backlink, social share, HTTP status, word count, external links, and more. All in Excel view. These are the advantages of SEO Tools for Excel that you can use for optimizing your website.


SEOquake is a toolbar for Firefox and Chrome that shows important SEO metrics such as domain age, number of backlinks, and estimated traffic. SEOquake can display the same data in Google's search results. This can help you determine whether a keyword is very competitive.

Profiler URL

If you want to check info on a large list of URLs such as domain authority, number of backlinks, social shares, URL Profiler is the best tool to do this task.


Read the discussion about website optimization above well, yes, it can not only be used as a source of information, who knows you can help others in the future. But of the many lists that have been presented, is there still something you don't understand? If you still have something to ask, leave a comment below.

If you are a website owner who is just learning, don't forget to continue to improve your ability to understand the website to be able to optimize the website, yes. Make sure your website contains original and quality content, don't forget to make your website fast, safe, and always reliable.
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