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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey officially announced his resignation from the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter, on Monday (29/11/2021).

The announcement was made directly by Dorsey in a tweet on his personal Twitter account with the handle @jack.

"Not sure if anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter," Jack tweeted. In the same tweet, Dorsey shared the contents of an e-mail he sent to Twitter.

In the e-mail, Dorsey mentioned a number of reasons that made him determined to leave the giant social media that he founded.

One of these reasons is, according to Dorsey, Twitter can now stand on its own without having to be maintained by its founders.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resigns

Dorsey has held the position of CEO himself since 2008, or to be precise two years since he co-founded Twitter in 2006.

Dorsey's resignation as CEO will be effective as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the position of CEO of Twitter will be taken over by Parag Agrawal. He is a figure who previously served as Twitter's Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

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"Parag is CEO starting today," Dorsey said in an e-mail he shared.

Even though he has resigned from the chairmanship, Dorsey admitted that he will remain a member of the company's board until his term ends at the shareholders' meeting in 2022.

After that, the Twitter co-founder will also leave the Twitter board member seat.

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